Back To School Back Pack Program

You wouldn’t want to go in to a big test without studying, would you?

But without the proper school supplies – notebooks, pencils, calculators, etc. – how could you even start thinking about preparing?

Importance of School Supplies

School supplies are an essential part of any child’s academic experience, whether they are in first grade or getting ready to head off to college. These materials are vital in taking notes, organizing folders, doing homework and much more. If students aren’t equipped with the proper supplies, they may struggle to keep up with lessons or feel embarrassed when having to ask to borrow from classmates and teachers. This could result in lower self-esteem and confidence in not only their academic abilities, but social interactions as well.

Teachers may also suffer if a child isn’t properly prepared for school as they may have difficulty successfully completing the lesson or they may have to provide the supplies for the child (perhaps out of their own pocket).

Unfortunately, as vital as school supplies are, they are also expensive, especially when you consider the sheer quantity that must be purchased. Many families in the community simply don’t have the funds to adequately provide their children with the necessary school supplies to start the year off on the right foot. This is where the Youth & Family Services of Haddam-Killingworth (YFSHK) Back to School Back Pack Program comes in.

Back to School Back Pack Program

At YFSHK, we’re committed to ensuring that every child and youth is ready and prepared to learn and succeed. We’ve developed the Back to School Back Pack program to provide those in need with the tools necessary to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

The program is a combined effort between local businesses, faith-based organizations and local residents to provide these supplies for the upcoming school year. Through our generous sponsors, we provide pre-assembled backpacks filled with essential school supplies that parents might not have been able to afford otherwise. For over three years, we’ve carried out the program, customizing each backpack to suit the grade-specific supplies that each child will require.

If you would like to participate in the program or make a donation, please contact our office before August 1. You can also learn more about our outreach programs or if you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.