Community Service

Volunteering in the community isn’t usually a required task, but rather something nice to do. However, participating in the enrichment of your local area can have huge impacts on students’ lives – personally, academically and in their future professional endeavors.

Benefits Of Participating in Community Service

For students, participating in community service projects has been associated with better academic performance. It gives the students a real-world situation in which they can apply some of the concepts they learn in school to practice. This may be joining a construction project for the homeless (math, physics), planting a community garden (science, biology) and more. Having community service listed on a resume as students begin to apply for college or jobs will also only serve to boost their stature.

Being part of a community service project also gives students a sense of accomplishment and efficiency. Here they can see in real time how their individual efforts contribute to the greater well being of their friends, neighbors and members of the community. This may also translate to youth being more engaged in activities that affect where they live such as local events, safety and even being more apt to vote in local elections.

In addition to putting learned concepts into practice, participants can also gain valuable problem solving skills they can use in the future. This may be more general leadership skills such as creating a plan, setting a timeline, project management or more specific project-based ones such as construction, gardening, etc.

Community Service Projects

At Youth & Family Services of Haddam-Killingworth (YFSHK), recognizing that one person can make a difference has long been a part of our goals. Through community service, students have an opportunity to see and exercise the power that they have to initiate change and improve the lives of others. Throughout the year, we offer numerous opportunities for students to participate in community service projects, which also may be required for graduation. Projects range from individual activities to larger group endeavors.

You can also learn more about our outreach programs or if you would like to get involved with an upcoming community service project, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.