Summer Program
Suns out, schools out and the dog days of summer are rolling in. What better way to cool off and encourage students’ sense of adventure than with the fun mix of outdoor activities we offer at our Summer Program for youth?
Why Join A Summer Program?
Summer programs are great ways for kids to make the most of the break from school and the wonderful sunny weather. Parents – especially those who work – can feel secure their child is being looked after in a safe manner while they are occupied with other responsibilities and the child can gain numerous benefits from their participation.
A major benefit of joining a summer program is the opportunity to make new friends. During the school year, students often have their specific group of friends that they stick with day in and day out. By mixing things up, they have a chance to meet classmates that they may not normally be in contact with. Participating in adventurous activities together, students form a bond that will hopefully carry over into the school year.
The opportunity to try something new or learn a different skill is also a great reason to participate in a summer program. Through games and activities, students work together to solve problems, they can be creative during arts and crafts or practice a new sport. This can also help to boost students’ self-confidence and encourage mutual respect – while providing great summer fun at the same time!
Our Summer Program For Youth
At YFSHK, we’re proud to offer an exciting and dynamic summer program for H-K youth grades 7-10. Students can choose from two exhilarating sessions where they can experience unique adventures, learn useful skills and establish new friendships. Session One includes activities such as a visit to Lake Compounce Water Park and the Nomads Rope Course. Session Two includes kayaking and paddleboats, a visit to the Water Park and Trampoline Park.
Each session lasts for five days, and participants will be dropped off and picked up at the designated meeting place specified in the program description. Activities are conducted both at the Haddam Community Center at 7 Candlewood Hill Rd, Higganum and in the field.
For more information about our Summer Program please see our brochure. If you would like to enroll in the program, please contact us today. If you would like more information about our youth programs or would like to get involved, get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.